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Michael Canitrot

Thursday, 11 February 2016 in News

There's no escaping the Parisian superstar

With the previous release 'Blue Collision' working wonders at specialist level for the likes of Cicada, Jesse Voorn, Matt Caseli, Ron Carroll and DJ Vibe, it's now time to step up the pace and introduce instalment two titled 'White Escape'. A solid tech infused big room houser that effortlessly ticks all of the appropriate boxes across the board. Yet another biggy from the French wonder-boy...

Words: Dan Prince

Michael, you were introduced to music at an early age by your father who was a radio DJ. Can you remember who were the artists back then that first got you into music?

"The first records that blew my mind were Nirvana’s! I had all theirs LPs, books and posters in my room. Later Daft Punk had the same effect on me for Electronic music."

The new single 'White Escape' follows Blue Collision on Aime Music. Tell us about the tunes...

"These two tracks are very important to me since they are the first instrumental tracks I have ever released. I love producing vocal tracks but I also wanted to try something different, very clubby and electro. These tunes will be featured on my album with vocal versions."

You once claimed when discussing the DJ Top 100 Poll that…“I also regret that the first Top 3 DJs are often DJs who don't even make me dream about their music! And everyone that I love, who have given me every inspiration to work inside this milieu aren't even there, or somewhere in the bottom” – so which DJs were you talking about that have influenced you that you admire?

"Woahhh!! Dan, you’re from the FBI ! To be honest I'm more influenced by bands like Earth, Wind and Fire, Radiohead and Nirvana, it's my musical background. I’m one half black music (soul, funk, disco) and one half pop/rock. But I have to admit that at the beginning of my career I was fascinated by all the French Touch acts (Stardust, Alan Brax, Fred Falke…), Erick Morillo's Subliminal label, DJ Gregory and Martin Solveig."

What are the big 10 tunes you are spinning right now?

-         Joris Voorn vs Moby 'After & After'

-         Dirty South & Those Usual Suspects 'Walking Alone'

-         Tonight Only 'Haters Gonna Hate' (Nicky Romero Remix)

-         Les Bros 'Guitar Noob'

-         Nico de Andrea 'Found U'

-         Michael Woods 'Last Day on Earth'

-         Joachim Garraud & Alesia 'Hook'

-         Umek & Beltek 'Out Of Play'

-         Skylar Grey 'Invisible' (John Dahlback Remix)

-         Lana Del Rey 'Video Games' (Mr Fingers Remix)

You are in the middle of a tour of Brazil at the moment, what has been the story so far over there?

"Brazil is probably the best territory at the moment for clubbing. It’s a huge country with great clubs installations and with an audience that never want to stop dancing! This tour and particulary my two gigs at Green Valley were spectacular…imagine 8000 people dancing in an amazing open air club between the jungle, the moutains and the sea until the sun rises!"

David Guetta gave you your first break over 10 years ago when he invited you to host your night at his club Les Bains Douches in Paris…have people’s opinions on him over in Paris changed since he has conquered the world?

"The bad thing in France is that when you’re successfull the people stop supporting you. Myself, I’m very happy for him because he is doing everything with passion and he has a fantastic career. We need to respect that even if you don’t like his music."

Not many people know this, but Michael Canitrot is really good at…


What is the best club you have ever played at?

"Hard to say but probably the Answer Club in Seoul or Green Valley in Brazil."

So we head back yours after the club, what are your Back To Mine 10 tunes you’d spin us?

Paul McCartney 'Let Em In' (Joakim Edit)

Daft Punk 'Veridis Quo'

Phoenix 'Lisztomania' (Orchestral Remix)

M83 'Midnight City'

Foreign Language Feat Jess 'Flight Facilities'

Justice 'Parade'

Kavinsky 'Nightcall'

Urban Species 'Spiritual Love'

Empire Of The Sun 'We Are The People' (Crazy P Remix)

Craig Amstrong 'Let’s Go Out Tonight'

You are the official DJ for the Cannes Film Festival, who have been the biggest stars you have rocked out?

"So many from Sharon Stone to Brad Pitt or football legend Maradonna! But it was something else to play with U2 on the top of the Palais des Festivals."

Which country around the world that you DJ’d in over the past year for the first time, really blew you away?


What is the finest record you have ever played to a dancefloor?

"Grace Jones 'La Vie En Rose'."

It may not be good for my image, but I really love…

"Camembert Roti au Miel. If you don’t know what is it, you have to find the solution on the internet!"

Who are your favourite producers in the world at the moment?

"Two differents styles…Axwell and Justice."

What have you planned for us all in 2012 studio wise?

"I'm working on my own album for the end of the year. It’s very exciting, it’s a different way to express what I want to say with the music.I'm gonna deliver you a first single during the Spring. And for the end of March you'll discover my new djmix/compilation for Playboy includings my last productions, edits and the most sexiest songs of the spring… so stay tuned!"

Live dates:

21.01.12   Spirito – Brussels (Be)
27.01.12 De Lite Warsaw (Poland)
28.01.12 Bypass Genève (Switzerland)
02.02.12   Boos Kfe – Luxembourg (Lux)
03.02.12    83 Vernet – Avignon (Fr)

The new single: 'White Escape':

Brazilian video: m/watch?v=qrLPhFfq9L8&


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