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Back To Mine - Inaya Day

Sunday, 07 February 2016 in News

A personal collection for after hours grooving

1 - Jill Scott - One Is the Magic Number
This reminds me of when I was in LA some time ago and Jill Scott wasn't yet known. My friend Tisha Campbell Martin was so excited about this new artist she'd heard. Tisha sang this song to me and said, "you have GOT to hear this girl's CD! It's fierce!"...and I've been listening to it ever since.

2 - Ella Fitzgerald - Airmail Special
This song is on a CD that was given to me as a gift by someone whom I held very dear to my heart but betrayed me shortly after he gave the gift. This reminds me that sweet things can come from something gone sour. Ella is my favourite singer in this world and the next. The reasons why are made clear on this recording.

3 - Ella Fitzgerald - Angel Eyes
It was the middle of the night and I was at home flicking through TV channels when I saw a biography of Ella Fitzgerald. Ecstatic to see and hear all of this inside info about my favourite singer, I sat mesmerised as Ella, her trio, and a single spotlight made an everlasting impression on me. Without the use of the vocal acrobatics she's known for, she made a simple song into a masterpiece. Lesson learned.

4 - Karen Clark Sheard - Secret Place
My brother, who passed away at age 39 just 5 days after Michael Jackson, sat in my car and played this song for me. He'd had diabetes since he was about 10 years old and often fell ill. When he put the CD in, he said, "This song is my testimony". I'll never forget that day.

5 - Tonex - Fail U
This is one of my favourite songs because of the message AND because this artist sings his face off. The production is slammin' and I play it over and over again. It's inspirational but it's funky.

6 - Van Hunt - Hot Stage Lights
This artist is so underrated. The lyrics and delivery of the song let you know that this artist is surely influenced by Prince. It sounds sooooo good on my system. Thumping bass, rhythmic guitar, and tactfully placed vocals. I use this one to hype myself up before I go to sing with my funk band, FunkNYCity. ( shameless plug: Yes!!! I think I'll put it on now and dance in my pyjamas.

7 - SuSu Bobien - 99 & A Half (Born to Funk Remix)
When my friend Dewey sent me this song that he'd written for my other friend SuSu, all I could say was I'm sure glad she's singing it but dang, Wish I would have gotten first! This is surely my kinda house music. I miss this in American club culture. This mix is CRAZY!!!

8 - Faith Evans - You Used to Love Me
I remember living in Duesseldorf, Germany, and this record was freshly released. Every single day that I woke up at my apartment on Gneisenau Strasse, I played and sang along with this song. I know the neighbours must have hated me!(Afterwards, I'd watch The Lion King)

9 - Rebe Jackson- Centipede
Man Oh Man! If Rebe Jackson (Michael Jackson's oldest sister) never makes another album, she ROCKED 'Centipede. That song is sexy! woooooo! ... and yes! It's in the CD changer in my car at ALL times!
10 - Baby Love- Mother's Finest
I was in Germany and a friend of mine sang this song with her band. Being a Funkateer who's written for and toured with Bootsy Collins, she was shocked that I didn't know who "Mother's Finest" is. Well, I surely know now and will NEVER forget. I now sing this song with MY band.

Mike Cruz produces Inaya Day & Mark Shine ‘Jump Up & Down’ is released on March 10th 2012 on Ny-O-Dae Music

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