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DJ Paleface

Friday, 12 February 2016 in Back to Mine

1. Babylon The Bandit
Steel Pulse 1986 Elektra
Love this track, brings back many memories for me as my Dad played on this record and I went on tour with the band a couple of times when I was really small. Classic track for multi purposes.

2. Fantasy
Earth Wind & Fire 1977
Another timeless track which takes me back to my dad playing this record in the house when I was young and me trying to tell him that the snap version was better (how naive!). Harmonies are fantastic, the production is so spot on, and this was a time before computer assistance so you know the band and the singers had to be remarkably brilliant!

3. So Naughty
Chaka Khan
Always been a fan of Chaka Khan, phenomenal voice and the chord progressions she fits her melodies to are quite unexpected but fit so well all the time. Apart from Ain't Nobody how could Chaka Khan ever get boring??

4. Roses Are Red
Mac Band
A Classic 80s song to me, love the melody line, catchy words that you will never ever forget and for some strange reason it always brings a smile to my face when I hear it.

5. Hopelessly In Love
Carol Thompson
A Classic lovers rock anthem, with a sweet melody as always dropped in from Carol Thompson. Always reminds me of Saturday afternoons in the back of my Auntie's red 205.

6. Girlfriends Boyfriend
Gwen Mcrae
From one of my favourite eras 94-97 R&B Hip-Hop, think this is my favourite slow jam ever (the lovers rock version is tough aswell)

7. Sunday Showers
Kentphonik (HIYA KAYA E.P)
I love this track, it inspired me to make my house a bit more smoother. Love the way the Rhodes bends and they use the vibes in a solo style.

8. Traumatic Times
L.D. (Hyperdub)
One of my favourite dubstep tunes of all time too, slightly tranquil and very soothing. Always on an L.D production the mix down is spot on and always sounds crisp and smooth.

9. Daydreaming
Love this track!

10. Pad & Pen
A Tribe Called Quest
Just a smooth track, laid back rapping, again loving the rhodes. I use the instrumental of this a lot to write songs too, it sort of opens up your head to concepts, well, my head.

DJ Paleface performs on Saturday 17 July at Indigo 02 for Spotlight LDN, presented by Rising Tide and part of Create10 festival
0844 844 0002

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